Why choose 8x8?

  • 8x8 integrates voice, video, messaging and contact center into a global communications platform
  • 8x8 interfaces with numerous third-party applications
  • 8x8can replace the public telephone network (minutes + numbers) in over 50 countries and connect to Microsoft Teams
  • 8x8is one of the leading UCaaS solutions offering integrated contact center as a service (CCaaS).
  • 8x8is the only UCaaS provider currently offering a certified contact center solution for Microsoft Teams.

8x8 has been a leader in the Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant
for 12 consecutive years

8x8 is the only vendor cited by Gartner
in the UCaaS and CCaaS categories


Regardless of the terminal used, the communication platform 8x8 unifies business telephony, video meetings and team messaging in a single interface, enabling users to collaborate with confidence and security. A renowned innovator in cloud communications, 8x8 has been a leader in Gartner’s UCaaS Magic Quadrant for 10 consecutive years.

Using a PC, smartphone, or web browser, make cloud-hosted calls with unprecedented clarity, bring your global workforce together in secure video meetings, and communicate with feature-rich team messaging.

8x8 also integrates seamlessly with your third-party applications, from CRM to Microsoft Teams, and has advanced APIs to quickly and easily integrate SMS, voice, messaging and video with your own web and mobile applications.


The 8x8 integrated, cloud-hosted contact center optimizes your customers’ experience across all digital channels, while driving user engagement by allowing them to “work anywhere.” With 8x8, your employees can react quickly to any request, while preserving the content and context of the exchanges, from the beginning to the end of each interaction.

Agents can switch between voice and digital channels with the same intuitive interface, while taking advantage of advanced call management features such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response and more.

Transform your customer experience and increase productivity with the 8x8 omnichannel contact center. The solution provides real-time analytics to improve service quality based on historical data.


Microsoft Teams is the leader in enterprise collaboration solutions. The integration of direct routing and the 8x8 “Voice for Microsoft Teams” application allows users of this solution to also communicate with customers, partners and suppliers of the company through the public telephone network. The Teams interface becomes a true omnichannel communication tool that can dial and receive national and international calls and can, if necessary, integrate all the features of the 8x8 contact center.

With 8x8 “Voice for Microsoft Teams,” your employees can make and receive calls with the best audio quality using the native Teams interface and enjoy unlimited calling plans covering more than 50 countries as well as user presence technology with the 8x8 “Work” application. It is also possible to integrate all the functionalities of the omnichannel contact center 8x8 and navigate between voice and digital channels with a click. Customizable analytics allow supervisors to optimize agent performance. Additional options include other features such as fax, queue management and unified voice mail.


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