• Martello Vantage DX helps prioritize the work of IT teams by identifying users and sites that can benefit from an improved user experience with Microsoft 365 services
  • Martello Vantage DX quickly identifies the root cause of Microsoft 365 malfunctions with targeted network diagnostics
  • Martello Vantage DX enables IT teams to maintain Microsoft 365 service continuity and employee productivity by proactively detecting issues before users are impacted
  • Martello Vantage DX allows you to leverage your Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 budgets and significantly improve your return on investment

Martello Vantage DX is the only solution recommended by Microsoft to monitor the user experience, anticipate problems and resolve them


Microsoft Teams malfunctions and Microsoft 365 service outages impact user experience as well as business productivity. Since 90% of call quality and service problems are caused by failures between the user and the Microsoft service, resolving and preventing such incidents requires analyzing the performance of each segment of the communication chain.

This requires detailed information about the performance of the local and global network, as well as the performance of service providers and equipment such as session controllers (SBCs), meeting rooms and audio devices.

To provide proactive support to users, it is essential to continuously test every segment of the network, collect and correlate multiple pieces of information, and trigger alerts. Microsoft’s analysis utility does not take into account elements outside of their datacenter, so it is necessary to combine their information with data from real-time measurements to accurately assess the performance of each segment of the network used by the connection between the user and the Microsoft datacenter. The correlation of all these data allows to quickly and precisely identify the cause of the problems and to solicit the appropriate teams (network, telephony, Microsoft, operator, etc.).

Martello Vantage DX™ is a Microsoft 365 performance monitoring solution that provides IT teams with a comprehensive view of the user experience. The tools built into Vantage DX allow you to quickly detect, minimize and resolve problems before they affect users and business productivity. Managed services include Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and Microsoft 365 applications.


Detection and identification of global and local failures in Microsoft Teams

Vantage DX monitors real Microsoft Teams users and also simulates synthetic transactions. This data is combined with network performance data and allows IT teams to quickly detect, qualify and act on team outages, user experience issues, call quality issues and meeting room issues.

Proactive monitoring of Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive user experience Proactive load testing of distributed work environments (“Modern Workplace”) to detect Microsoft 365 outages and resolve issues faster.

Detection and troubleshooting of telephone communication problems

Correlate Teams call quality with detailed call reports generated by AudioCodes SBCs for full visibility into issues observed with the Microsoft Teams phone and faster troubleshooting.

Availability and performance of Office web and low-code applications (Power Apps)

Performance testing of all web and low-code applications to ensure that interruptions to Microsoft 365 services do not impact business productivity.

Integration with IT service management tools (ITSM)

Correlate Vantage DX alerts with events generated by network and infrastructure monitoring tools to automatically create conditional, contextualized alerts that provide the details needed to quickly resolve Microsoft 365 incidents.

Correlation of cloud and network monitoring information

Vantage DX provides information on each call, meeting and video that helps identify and analyze the root cause of problems (poor Teams network quality, uncertified equipment, bandwidth issues, weak wifi signal, Teams client not updated, local Teams outage due to an ISP, etc.).


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