In-depth analysis of the performance and quality of telephone interactions

The Aircall dashboard presents all statistical data in the form of dynamic graphs and tables. It also allows you to follow the evolution of trends in real time.

Aircall’s integrated analytics tool collects and aggregates all call details to highlight key call tracking indicators:

  • Call volume
  • Call duration
  • Call handling time
  • Missed call rate
  • Agent response time
  • Caller Waiting Time
  • Percentage of callers who leave a voice message

It is also possible to generate statistics such as the percentage of missed incoming calls not called back, call time data, percentage of calls answered within the service agreement, average time spent by the caller in the IVR, call transfer rate, etc.

This concrete vision of the telephone business facilitates decision-making and makes it very easy to achieve many objectives.

Team performance monitoring

Monitor outbound calls and missed call rates with an easy-to-use, easy-to-read dashboard.

Load monitoring and resource planning

Average call duration, percentage of missed calls, average wait time, average response time, etc.

of performance indicators in real time

Filtering of data by team, by agent, by type of call, by date, etc.

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