Custom Reports


Prioritize IT teams interventions

Prioritizing your effort to reduce the number of Teams Voice issue and quickly improve the situation for the users that needs it the most is not an easy task.

No reports

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide this type of assessment as their native tool is focused on usage and adoption and not on performance and quality of service.

Data consolidation

It requires the ability to consolidate data over time, analyze it and visualize the results to then make decision. This is very important to efficiently spend your money on network improvement projects or any IT change that seems required to improve the situation.


Get monthly custom reports that analyze:

Your calls and meetings success rate per month overall and per location

A map of your issues

Your most affected users

Your most affected locations

Usage and issues of your meeting rooms

Your critical locations assessment

  • Usage
  • Success rate
  • User connectivity
  • ISP used and associated issues

Your critical user assessment

  • Usage
  • Success rate
  • Connectivity
  • ISP used and associated issues


  • You have every month an assessment that visualize with user friendly dashboards where you should put your IT spending and effort whether it is specific users or locations
  • You can assess right away the usage and health of the service provided by your meeting rooms
  • You can assess the usage, health, and connectivity of the service to your critical locations and VIPs
  • You can compare month over month and before / after network change if the IT spending have produced results
  • You can justify to management and business lines with user friendly graphic the performance of the service

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