Performance reports (SLA)


Critical resource management

You need Teams Voice to perform well for your most valuable users (headquarter, VIPs, meeting room, PSTN) but you have no way to measure it. How do you know if Teams Voice is performing as expected in the different location, countries, or business lines you are working with and provide evidence of the service quality to management and business?

Teams performance monitoring

Microsoft does not provide performance report by default, and it is impossible with Microsoft tools to define, measure, track, report and be alerted on Teams Voice performance for your business lines. Therefore, you don’t have the data you need to ensure service quality, the user satisfaction and ultimately the best possible ROI for Microsoft Teams.


Automatic Performance reports (SLA) with alerting configured by default

    • Meeting rooms
    • P2P calls
    • PSTN calls
    • Teams calls success per country
    • Teams calls success per office

Detailed statistics

with root cause analysis for every event that has affected your SLA

Detail of every event

Detail of every event that led to the degradation of the SLA

Custom SLA for your VIP

Performance reports

Create your own performance reports based on your preferences and needs

Specific alert

Specific alert when the SLA is about to breach or when the SLA has breached


  • You can now measure and be alerted on the service quality delivered by:
    • Your meeting room
    • The P2P calls and meetings
    • The PSTN calls and meetings
    • The Voice quality at the country level
    • The Voice quality at the office level
  • You can easily setup your own SLA based on any data within TeamsXaaS
  • You can justify the service quality to management and business lines
  • You can understand the root cause of any SLA breach which save you considerable amount of time
  • You can troubleshoot and fix SLA degradation before the target is breached
  • You ensure maximum service quality for your key users
  • You improve overall user satisfaction
  • Optimize ROI for Microsoft Teams

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