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Incident reporting

Your users rarely open an IT ticket Studies show that only 16% of them open a ticket when a SaaS application underperform and when they do it is usually late, and the problem has been affecting their productivity for a while.

Local network instability

You can’t detect when a local network is at stake, when users are not updated, when a specific office has more issues, when your VIPs experience problem or when your expensive meeting room deliver a poor service. This greatly affect the ROI of Teams as you can’t fix what you don’t know.

Audio quality

On average, between 5 and 10% of the calls have issues with audio or video quality These calls can be critical conference, PSTN call to customer, internal project calls and the consequences of these problems can be damaging to the productivity and reputation of the company. Since Microsoft does not provide any alerting system with Microsoft Teams, relying on your users prevents you to be aware of the problem.


Consolidated view of alerts per location and per country

Detailed statistics

for each issue for instant troubleshooting

Incident reporting

Automatic discovery of every issue happening with your calls and meetings, whether they are P2P or PSTN

Real time view of your current situation

Custom alerts

Create your own custom alert based on your preferences and needs from the business lines



Root cause analysis of every detected issue

Receive alert

    • Audio and/or video calls per location and per country
    • Teams conference issues
    • Teams meeting room issues
    • VIP user issues (TeamsXaaS Premium)
  • Non-certified devices in use
  • Local network issues (Wi-Fi, bandwidth, protocol)
  • Global network issues (RTT, jitter, packet loss)


  • You become proactive in detecting and investigating the issues
  • You immediately detect when local network per office or country is at stake
  • You immediately discover outdated Teams client, non-certified audio devices, wrong protocol used, etc.
  • Root cause analysis save you and every people involved in Microsoft Teams Voice delivery time and money
  • You now can fix issues before they become problem for your business lines
  • You increase the user satisfaction
  • You increase the ROI of Microsoft Teams by driving satisfaction, adoption and reducing troubleshooting costs

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